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SAP Transaction Code /IWBEP/REG_SERVICE (Maintain Service) - SAP TCodes - The Best Online SAP Transaction Code Analytics SAP TCodes. TCode Module (current) TCode Component; TCode Name ... (OData Channel - Design Time Tools - Service Builder) 4. Name Starts With /IWBEP/REG_% 3. Parant Package /IWBEP/MGW_DST_TOOLS (OData Channel - Design Time ...
Odata Service Development T-codes: SEGW Gateway Service Builder [Description = Used for Testing SAP Fiori Apps Odata services and also used for enhancing Odata Service like redefining a standard method in the DPC class of the relevant Standard Odata Service. Best way to enhance a standard applications,as all changes are recorded in one project].
Nov 15, 2016 · Normally to create an OData service we go to Tcode SEGW and create a project and a Data Model(Data Reference as Final Consumption CDS view) and the MPC and DPC are generated. In our case we can view these artifacts as shown below.
TrueCommerce supports whatever transaction codes you need, including all the codes defined by the ANSI ASC X12 standard for EDI. This guide provides information on the ANSI ASC X12 EDI standard and the various documents that can be exchanged using EDI, including transaction sets in the following categories:
The OData service is generated automatically after saving the query. The naming convention for the generated service name is <query technical name>_SRV In SE37 tcode Function Module RSEQ_NAT_READ_CATALOG can be used to list all available OData enabled query in your system.
Piyush Philip auf hat eine simple Möglichkeit beschrieben, wie man in ABAP einen REST-Service mit den entsprechenden CRUD-Methoden implementieren kann. Dazu ist im Wesentlichen nur eine eigene Handler-Klasse zu implementieren, die von IF_HTTP_EXTENSION erbt.
Now test-scripts are only partially for the benefit of the developer; they also serve the end-users and maybe audit, depending on the organisation. ... font-size: x ...